How often does the phrase “I can’t” pop into your head when you’re doing something challenging?

The realisation that these two words exist in my mind hit me with full force when I was practicing a tricky passage on the piano. It was a fast run, technically challenging, but nothing…

I was suffering a case of self-imposed writer’s block (excuses like, I’m tired, my ideas are boring), and so I decided to take a look at a handful of writing prompts, because I’ve committed to daily writing.

Ironically, the one that jumped out at me is the title of this…

In a recent farewell for a colleague, a senior leader shared some life lessons he got from this inspiring colleague of ours, and one such lesson was “to be brave”.

What does the word “brave” invoke in you?

In our real-world context, to be brave is usually associated with big…

Meg Panozzo

One of Australia’s Most Innovative Engineers for 2020. Founder of Her Bold Universe. Writing about leadership, growth, and making change.

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